4 Ebook Apps You Need to Try

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The number of ebook-reader apps out there seems almost endless. Faced with so many choices, readers often just stick to what they know — even if better options are out there.

Below, we’ve highlighted four of the best ebook apps available. These apps cover all major operating systems and devices, so, no matter what you’re reading on, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Google Play Books

Available for: Android, iOS, Chrome

Highlight: Sync across devices using your Google account.

If you have an Android phone, it’s likely that you already have Google Play Books installed. Not only can Google Play Books run on wide range of operating systems, it can also use your Google account to sync across all your devices.

The app features a number of options — including different fonts, brightness levels and themes — that allow you to create the perfect reading experience.

Books for the app can be purchased from the books section of Google Play. This online marketplace offers a wide range of categories. There are many free books — both contemporary and classic — available as well. The app even comes loaded with a couple free books to get you started.

Best of all, Google Play Books is completely free, with no paid features and no ads.

Notable Features

  • Millions of books, magazines, and comics available
  • Excellent recommendation engine
  • Ability to preview books before you buy


Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more

Highlight: Sync books across supported devices via the cloud.

FBReader, also known as the Favorite Book Reader, is a popular ebook app available for a wide range of operating systems and devices. The app allows you to sync your books across compatible devices using a cloud service based on Google Drive. So, your entire collection, your bookmarks, and page positions are available wherever you need them. Better yet, you can manage your collection online without even downloading the app.

FBReader also supports multiple ebook libraries, giving you access to a huge selection of free and paid books.

The free version of this app is ad-supported, meaning you’ll get less features than the paid version as well as advertisements. Some of the limitations in the free version may prevent you from fully enjoying this app. For example, the iOS version of the app only allows for ten books in the library and currently lacks pdf support, so it may not be the ideal choice for managing a large collection of books.

Notable Features

  • Available in 29 languages
  • Multiple ways to organize your library

Amazon Kindle

Available for: Android, iOS, Browser, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Highlight: Ability to read Kindle books on multiple devices.

Despite the name, you don’t need a Kindle e-reader to use this full-featured app.

The main attraction of the Kindle app is the ability to read your Kindle books on multiple devices. Simply connect the app to your Amazon account to access your Kindle books via the cloud.

The Kindle app includes a unique feature among ebook readers: the incorporation of social network integration. The app comes fully integrated with Goodreads, the popular social network and review site for book lovers.

Unfortunately, the Kindle app only supports a limited number of formats: mobi, pdf, and the Kindle format. If you have ebooks in other formats, like the popular epub format, you’ll have to convert them with another program before using them. But with access to the Kindle store, users already have plenty of options for free and paid books, magazines, and newspapers available in compatible formats.

Notable Features

  • Check out books from participating libraries
  • Built-in dictionary
  • Ad-free interface

Moon + Reader

Available for: Android

Highlight: Supports a huge number of formats.

This app is one of the best ways to read ebooks on your Android device.

Unlike many of the big-name ebooks apps, Moon + Reader supports a wide range of formats, including epub, pdf, mobi, txt, html, and many more. And, like other ebook readers, Moon + Reader offers a large number of customization options.

Although the app is limited to Android devices, you can sync your reading progress between your phone and tablet, so switching between the two is easy.

Unfortunately, this app currently doesn’t support DRM protected ebooks, so you’ll either have to remove the DRM protection elsewhere or use an app that supports DRM protected books.

Notable Features

  • Available in 44 languages
  • Switch between day and night mode
  • Backup books via DropBox

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